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CEO Who Cares: Bahman Atefi of Alion Science and Technology

As chairman and CEO, Dr. Bahman Atefi makes sure his company does well in the marketplace, follows through with its chores and ensures it grows into a strong and well-functioning corporation. All in all, Atefi knows the importance of proper leadership. That is why this “CEO Who Cares” decided he was going focus his attention to help provide a sense of direction to the children who need it, the children sponsored by the group called Our Military Kids.

“This was a perfect fit for us,” Atefi explained. “Our Military Kids helps families on a basic level, providing a needed sense of normalcy while one or both parents are serving our country.”

Atefi learned of the group that funds extracurricular activities for the children of deployed National Guard and Reserve members and saw it as the perfect way for him and his employees to give back to the community.

“Strong communities provide stability for the employees and the workplace, and our success as a company means we have the opportunity to help those who need support,” he explained.

In order to leverage the efforts of his employees, Atefi made Alion’s campaign a competition on a company-wide scale.

“We’ve made it a competition among our business sectors to see which one can raise the most funds,” he said. “It’s already shown great success, and were seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the campaign across the company.”

Under his leadership, the company will give money for the organization to provide funding for sponsorship of children of deployed military members. These sponsorships will provide opportunities for children to participate in extra-curricular activities, like piano lessons or art classes, in which they may have otherwise not been able to afford.

That is not the only charity Atefi has had the company participate in, however. The company also has a number of community-focused grants, like the company’s annual Science Grants to provide a strong science education in local schools. He believes these programs are vital to nurturing the mental capabilities of children.

“These grants support a better environment for learning, and the next generation will help drive innovations that just may solve problems on a global scale,” he said.

Whether it’s his company or his local community, Atefi’s leadership provides stability in both the workplace and the lives of those who need support.

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