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Accenture to Serve as Pilot Award Partner in INSA American Security Challenge

Accenture has agreed to serve as a Pilot Award Partner in the INSA American Security Challenge, an opportunity for growing security, intelligence and tech-focused companies to submit new technologies to experienced organizations for evaluation.

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance has announced a partnership with the American Security Challenge to conduct the first-ever INSA American Security Challenge in the national capitol region for the purpose of connecting growing, innovative companies, known as “Challengers,” directly with government agencies and/or contractors, system integrators and potential investors, known as “Pilot Award Partners.” As a Pilot Award Partner, Accenture will have the opportunity to “pilot,” or test-drive, one or more of the highest-scoring Challenger solutions against real-world stresses — a chance to help accelerate the procurement process and shorten the time necessary to bring an emerging technology to the market.

“Supporting the American Security Challenge as a Pilot Award Partner is a great way for Accenture to help identify emerging technologies in the cyber security arena, and it fits well with our continual focus and priority on providing leading edge national security solutions and services,” said John Goodman, managing director of Accenture’s U.S. defense practice.

INSA expects more than 100 Challenger companies to submit technologies for evaluation.  Challengers can submit information at www.insaonline.org. Challengers selected by Pilot Award Partners as well as other high-scoring Challengers will present their technologies at an event Nov. 17, 2011, at which point pilot selections, top performers and new partnership relationships will also be announced.

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