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Serco-Led Alliance Introduces Business Mgmt Apprenticeship Program in UK

Serco - ExecutiveBizSerco has partnered with 40 British universities and employers to create a degree-level apprenticeship program that offers business management training to U.K.-based workers.

The company said Thursday that the British Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has approved the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship with the goal of increasing the number of professional managers across the country.

People who complete the training program will obtain a degree in management and business as well as become a Chartered Management Institute member.

Serco worked with Anglo Educational, BBC, Kinnerton Confectionery, Opus Building Services, Virgin Media and other companies to develop educational standards for the apprenticeship.

The British government encourages the private sector to help train workers become skilled managers through the U.K.’s Trailblazer initiative.

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