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Executive Profile: Ray Winn, Partner at Deloitte’s Federal Practice

Ray Winn
Ray Winn

Ray Winn serves as a partner at Deloitte‘s federal practice and also is the lead client service partner for the company’s practice focused on defense acquisition, test and logistics.

He also previously held the roles of federal leader and chief operating officer within the federal practice as well as LCSP for the Navy System Command and U.S. Marine Corps practice and lead advisory partner on a key civilian account at Deloitte.

Winn, a 25-year industry veteran, joined the professional services company in May 2009 after he spent eight years as COO of BearingPoint‘s public services business.

Before that, he managed key civilian accounts of the consulting firm and worked with multiple commercial and government clients at the company when it was still known as KPMG Consulting.

He also worked as senior vice president of finance and group operations at Orbital Sciences from August 1992 to January 2001 as well as served as the company’s chief information officer.

Prior to Orbital Sciences, he was a senior manager at KPMG Peat Marwick between  and 

He also currently serves on the dean’s advisory board at George Mason University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting and decision science as well as a master’s degree in information systems.

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