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Cohen Veterans Network Begins Operations to Offer Free Mental Health Services

healthcarePoint72 Asset Management Chairman and CEO Steven Cohen has invested an estimated $275 million to launch a new initiative that works to offer free mental health services to veterans and their families.

The Cohen Veterans Network looks to open up to 25 Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics over the next five years to treat patients with post-traumatic stress and other mental health conditions, CVN said Wednesday.

The first five clinics will open this year in New York, Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, with another five planned for spring 2017, the organization added.

“We will treat anyone who served in the U.S. armed forces during the War on Terror,” said Cohen.

“We are launching this network to provide veterans with a real choice as they transition home,” added CVN Executive Director Anthony Hassan.

Hassan added that the organization will make house visits and provide telehealth appointments or transportation services in an effort to remove barriers in healthcare.

Michael Mullen, a retired military officer and former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, chairs the CVN board.

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