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Citrix, HP, Intel, Microsoft partner for Power IT Down Day

Citrix Systems, Inc. has announced that it will join Microsoft Corp. Intel, and HP in encouraging government and industry to excersize responsible energy consumption practices on the second Power IT Down Day, scheduled for August 27 of this year. Citrix and its partners will promote Power IT Down Day through a series of activities and educational events.

Tom Simmons, Citrix area vice president for Government Systems, said “Last year, over 2,800 government and industry employees pledged to power down their computers, printers and monitors when they left their offices for the evening, which resulted in over 37,000 kilowatt-hours saved.”  He continued, “Imagine the number of kilowatt-hours we could save this year if just half of the 1.8 million civilian employees registered for Power IT Down Day.”

When combined with personal responsibility, computer settings can make significant impacts. Power saving settings and automatic shut down capabilities built in to Microsoft’s Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7 are examples of how the software industry is going green.

Teresa Carlson, vice president of Microsoft Federal, commented “Individual choices for responsible energy consumption can have an enterprise-wide effect. Power IT Down Day creates the perfect opportunity to highlight the collective impact of individual and enterprise power-saving actions in government and industry.”

With the new administration mandating a reduced government carbon footprint, Citrix and its partners see 2009’s Power IT Down Day as having a great potential for success.

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