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Boeing Flexes Cyber Muscle

Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems (I&SS) demonstrated its cybersecurity capabilities in its Arlington facilityon June 9, addressing the emerging need for integrated, synchronized and responsive cyber operations. The Integrated Cyber Operations Demonstration gave potential customers an inside look at how Boeing harnesses its experience managing its own networks (among the world’s largest)  as well as its information assurance expertise, to answer the Obama administration’s call for tighter cybersecurity.

I&SS Vice President and General Manager Steve Oswald said, “Customers are looking to us to provide them with innovative ways to deal with the persistent and pervasive threats to U.S. networks. While Boeing isn’t as well known in the cyber field as we are in the airplane business, we’ve actually been working these tough issues for years, and we continue to develop improved capabilities to protect our own networks and to meet customer needs. Clearly, information assurance and cybersecurity have become integral to most of our products across our customer base, as well as becoming an important line of business itself.”

Boeing demonstrated its Security Monitoring Infrastructure System (SMIS), watchdog software that detects and reports network anomalies for context-based situational awareness. I&SS also demonstrated the Common Open Research Emulator (CORE), a “cyber range” training platform for virtualized virtual warfare and testing.

Cyber Solutions Vice President Barbara Fast remarked, “Products such as SMIS and CORE provide customers situational awareness to defend their own network today, while collecting the information necessary to prepare and rehearse in order to better defend future cyber operations.”

Boeing Cyber Solutions formed in 2008 within I&SS as a teaming platform and to focus the length and breadth of Boeing’s capabilities and experience to meet next-gen cybersecurity challenges head-on. The Integrated Cyber Operations Demonstration was the first public display of Cyber Solutions’ products.


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