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Boosted Climate Spending Benefits AEA

Mike Nigro, COO of AEA
Mike Nigro, COO of AEA

Heavy environmental  spending by the Obama administration will boost sales at AEA Technology as it mulls its recent acquisition of PPC, a US-based environmental data group.

Mike Nigro, former chief executive of PPC and now chief operating officer at AEA remarked, “The stimulus package that [President] Obama has put forth includes $40 billion to invest in emerging technologies and energy efficiency initiatives.”  He continued, “The administration has already appropriated much of the monies and we’ve written six proposals already for $150 million that we couldn’t have written had it not been for the AEA capabilities … over the next three years we see about $2 billion worth of opportunities…”

Secure sales, orders expected to be delivered in the coming year, stand at $95.3 million, up 14 per cent from the $83.17 million this time last year.  AEA Technology, originally part of the British Atomic Energy Association, now advises the UK’s Climate Change Committee as well as public and private sector clients in Europe and China.

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