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Kundra: IT Money Monitoring


The Office of Management and Budget will officially release its IT dashboard by June 30th, guidelines for the IT dashboard were issued by White House Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra on June 1st. As a part of the Obama Administrations commitment to transparency, the IT dashboard will rate projects on cost, schedule, and a CIO rating. 

images-1The goal of the new IT dashboard is to monitor where the $75 billion spend on IT improvements is going. Multiple agencies such as the NASA, the Department of Defense and the Small Business Administration already use dashboard-like applications. Kundra used a similar application during his position as Chief Technology Officer for Washington D.C and is interested in watching where the money for IT is being invested and whether projects are efficient with the new tool. 

Yet Kudra also acknowledges, “We recognize a lot of this isn’t always fault of the company providing the service or the CIO. A lot of the time it is the budgeting process or the baseline is initially wrong because you had to plan two years in advance.”

The General Services Administration is open every day this week from 12-4 p.m., including this weekend. Hundreds of users have already tested the dashboard, according to Federal News Radio.

Although questions have been raised regarding the subjectivity of the dashboard ratings, it cannot be denied that the government is not attempting to bring transparency and openness to the IT world. 

Kundra explains the basic goal of the new IT dashboard, “In terms of principles, fundamentally making sure we have greater real time view with what is going on in federal agencies.”

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