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Smooth FCC Confirmation Expected


images-4Julius Genachowski,  Obama’s Harvard Law School friend and former CTO for the Obama Campaign,  is expected to be confirmed by the Senate as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today. 

Genachowski told the Senate Commerce Committee that he will work towards a national broadband policy to bring the  internet to all consumers, an agenda heavily supported by telecommuncation and cable companies and agreed upon by consumers.

“I’m energized by what is happening around the country in mobile. We’re seeing incredible innovation, ” answered Genachowski. “I believe we have an opportunity for America to lead the world in mobile.”

Net Neutrality and transperancy will also be top priorities for the FCC, as stated by Genachowki.

The Fairness Doctrine, a Doctrine let go under former President Regan that requires broadcasts to air both sides of an issue, will not be reinstated under President Obama’s FCC.  Genachowski laid all Republican fears to rest and said that the FCC is not ‘in the business’ of political censorship. 

Genachowski’s pro-consumer outlook for the FCC was well-received by the Democratic-lead committee  who criticized former FCC chairman Kevin Martin for his pro-business policies. 

“As the media landscape changes dramatically, the need has never been greater for an FCC that sees the world from the perspective of consumers and families,” Genachwski said.

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