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2010 Census Call Center Led By Vangent

Vangent, Inc. announced that it will provide the information resource website and calling center for the 2010 Census in Sandy, Utah. The call center will hire about 1,200 temporary employees to answer citizen questions when filling out the 2010 Census. 

Vangent, Inc. is part of the Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) program team responsible  for the United States’ 2010 Census, led by Lockheed-Martin. The Utah facility will also be responsible for verifying and following-up on incomplete 2010 Census forms. 

The building that will be used for the 2010 Census is a former Discover Card call center; much of the  buildings wiring and infrastructure is already updated for the Census call center.”We looked at several locations across the country, but Sandy, UT really stood out because of its high quality workforce. We were fortunate to find a turnkey facility that will be quickly operational with minimal preparations,” said president and CEO of Vangent Mac Curtis.

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