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Raytheon Exceeds Green Expectations

Through a commitment from 2002 to 2009 to reduce its carbon footprint by 33% for every dollar of revenue it makes, Raytheon not only met but exceeded that goal in 2008 with a 38% reduction. 90% of Raytheon’s current energy consumption is from green house gas admissions and caused Raytheon’s to expand its green IT department. 

How did they do it? Raytheon invested in new PC power management software to reduce energy waste when the technology is not in use as well as invest in a communal virtual database system. This system was used for 1,300 servers and cut out normal heating and cooling costs as well as made its data information more secure with ‘cloud computing’. The project saved Raytheon an estimated $11 million and did not force Raytheon to invest in another major data center, even with a 25% increase in capacity demand in 2008.

Take Away: Investing in virtualization will not only reduce cost in the short term but is a long-term investment with continual and visible results.

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