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Smithsonian $1M From Northrop

Northrop Grumman has pledged $1 million to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.  Northrop will help build, operate and provide resources to the new time and navigation exhibit set to open Fall 2012. The exhibit will emphasize the historical impact of navigational technology from both a military and a civilian prospective.

For now, the exhibit is entitled “Time and Navigation: From Chronometers To GPS” and is set to feature a walk-through 19th century sailing vessel, a submarine navigation center, navigation satellites, aircraft and a robotic vehicle. The 2012 exhibit will cover and explore over three centuries of the evolution of time and navigation, on earth and through space. 

images1“As a pioneer in space technology, we have a deep appreciation for the possibilities of modern GPS on our world, and are very proud to support this exhibit. We believe it will remind all Americans of our many technical innovations in positioning, navigation and timing and the enormously positive impact of these accomplishments over time” Linda Mills said, corporate vice president and president of Northrop Grumman’s Information Systems sector. “Northrop Grumman shares a true passion for this realm of scientific achievement and looks to this exhibit to inspire the next generation of science and engineering leaders to continue reaching for the stars.”

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