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Aneesh Chopra Addresses Silicon Valley for the First Time

aneesh-chopraIn his first appearance in Silicon Valley as Federal CTO, Aneesh Chopra told the IT community that President Obama plans to employ innovative technology to advance his goals of improved health care, energy independence and education, and wants Silicon Valley’s help.  He also said government and industry need to collaborate to spur innovation in areas like healthcare IT and the smart grid.

On his day-to-day operations as CTO, Chopra said his most important role is that of translator and mediator between technocrats and private industry executives, and he tries daily to bridge the gap between needs and development.

Chopra, an advisor to President Obama, is tasked with finding ways through legislation or initiatives from the executive branch, to use technology to make government work better and serve its people.

“We want to harness technology and innovation to transform the economy,” Chopra said recently at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

White House’s acting Cyber Coordinator Melissa Hathaway has announced that she has recused herself from consideration for the post and her resignation will take effect August 21.  “Despite Melissa Hathaway’s resignation, we are working fast and furious on these goals,” Chopra added.

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