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DoD and VA Hit 3 of 6 Objectives for EHR Interoperability

The Governement Accountability Office (GAO) has announced that the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Administration (VA) have achieved three of the six objectives for “full interoperability” between their electronic health records (EHR).

According to the report, the DoD and VA have achieved the following criteria:

  • Demonstrating initial network gateway operability
  • Sharing social history data
  • Sharing physical exam data

The GAO has determined that the agencies need “additional work” in these areas:

  • Move periodic health assessment data from DOD computers to VA computers
  • Expand DOD’s computer system to at least one additional inpatient-care site operated by the Army, Air Force and Navy
  • Demonstrate an initial capability for scanning service members’ paper records into an EHR and electronically sharing them with VA

The GAO report also states that the “is not yet effectively positioned to function as a single point of accountability for the implementation of fully interoperable EHR systems or capabilities between DOD and VA.” Roger Baker, VA Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology, stated that both agencies are still on track to meet the September 30th deadline.

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