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New Cyber Security Operations Center Opened by Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Corp. has launched a new Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC), in Maryland. The aim of the center, which will be operational 24 hours a day, is to protect the company and its clients from cyber threats. The center will focus on detection and response utilizing its customer focused solutions and security services to protect the Northrop Grumman network consisting of over 105,000 clients and 10,000 servers around the world.

Tim McKnight, vice president and chief information security officer of Northrop Grumman Information Systems sector said, “The growing sophistication of cyber threats requires that we take assertive and holistic measures to defend our network and protect critical information assets. To respond, Northrop Grumman has integrated the latest cyber security technologies to meet this threat head-on. Along with more than a decade of expertise in information security for .mil and .gov customers, this new center creates a game-changing capability that will not only better protect our networks, but will keep pace with the ever-changing nature of the threat. Equally important, what we learn can be directly applied to our cyber customers.”

Within the CSOC is a large classified conference facility as well as secure connectivity to customer networks. The center also contains a security operations center floor where all cyber events that occur within the Northrop Grumman network are monitored.

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