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Washington D.C. to Implement Medicaid HIE

The Washington D.C. Medicaid agency, Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF), is planning to use federal funding to create a health information exchange (HIE) network. DHCF has given MedPlus, the health IT division of Quest Diagnostics, a $7 million contract to create the network.

MedPlus will provide the technology and services to create the HIE, Patient Data Hub. They will centralize health data by collecting, managing, storing, and integrating information from local physicians and hospitals.

According to the  MedPlus press release, the software will allow users to access patient’s medical histories, medications, demographic information, allergies, as well as information on their treating physician.

Patient Data Hub will also include MedPlus’ predictive modeling software which is designed to physicians monitor patients with chronic diseases. The program will alert doctors when a patient needs tests to control their disease and aims to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.

“The Hub’s capabilities will not stop there. It will be equipped with data analytic capabilities that will empower our public health officials to identify and address gaps in patient care revealed by the aggregate data in the system; and it will help us to break new ground in locating at-risk populations, tracking the success of health initiatives and identifying opportunities for improvement in our healthcare system,” remarked DHCF’s Director, Dr. Julie Hudman

DHCF also hopes to prevent excess testing on Washington’s considerable homeless population since doctors will be able to view previous tests.

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