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CT Heart Scan to Detect Early Coronary Artery Disease

Are you an executive with two or more of the following ‘risk factors’: current or past history of smoking (or second-hand smoke), diabetes, a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, males > 40 or females > 50? Do you have one or more of these ‘secondary’ risks: high stress, overweight, sedentary lifestyle? If so, you may want to undergo a CTA (Computerized Tomography of the Coronary Arteries).

“A half hour CTA can make a diagnosis that can save your life” -Dr. John Mamana

The CTA is a 30-minute, minimally invasive, test that can quantify how much, if any, coronary plaque (blockages) you have. The CTA can be done without intravenous (IV) contrast to measure calcium in your coronary arteries which reflects the amount of inflammation and fatty deposits in your artery walls. Or you can add IV contrast injected into a vein in your arm or hand which lights up the inside of your coronary arteries to reveal fatty blockages that may have developed secondary to the risk factors above. This test can help you and your doctor decide whether or not you should be on medication (i.e. Aspirin, Fish oil, Niacin, Statins), receive invasive stents, or possibly even require surgery (for multiple severe blockages). But what a relief if your arteries are ‘clean’ and clear of atherosclerotic disease. In that case, even if you have multiple risk factors, you may be able to manage these risks with diet, exercise, weight loss and possibly ‘natural’ treatments.

A CT Scan of the Coronary Arteries also can reveal other cardiac and pulmonary diseases. There is a small exposure to radiation that is being reduced by the newer, faster formatted CT Scanners.

Atherosclerosis of the Coronary Arteries contributes to making Heart Disease the #1 killer in the U.S. A half-hour CTA can render a diagnosis that might just save your life. Call EHS Corporate Care (703-230-6990) if you would like to learn more about this test.

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