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DoD awards EDS $8.1 million health IT contract

On Tuesday, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) announced that it had been awarded a contract by the Department of Defense’s Military Health System (MHS) worth $8.1 million.

The contract, which runs for one year, obligates EDS to upgrade the system in an effort to improve MHS’s Defense Health Information Management Systems network and ultimately improve its service to recovering veterans under DoD’s Wounded Warrior Program.

Specifically, the services rendered by EDS will result in improved collaboration across serve lines and workflow between caregivers and case managers, and streamline the sharing of information between DoD and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

The contract is actually an extension of a 16-year working relationship between DIHMS and EDS.

EDS senior vice president for its U.S. public sector unit Dennis Stolkey emphasized the importance of the work to be completed under this contract.

“Enhancing the accessiblity of deployed service members’ medical data is critical for ensuring health care providers have instant access to their patients’ most vital medical records,” he said.

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