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In-Sourcing: Be Solution-Oriented

In a recent interview with ExecutiveBiz, Anthony Verna of Paradigm Solutions discussed some of the implications of the emerging trend of competitive in-sourcing in the government contracting market.

Verna says, “…if the government gets a little more traction with sustaining and scaling the acquisition workforce, there will be less large contracts, and those that do endure will be solution-oriented.” 

He continues, “…contractors are going to have to be more agile. They’re also going to have to stay especially close to customers, maintaining intimacy with their mission.”  He notes that the days are gone when a multi-billion-dollar integrator would ignore a $2 million contractor, and that smaller enterprises are facing increasing competition from major players in the government contracting market.

His advice to stay one step ahead of in-sourcing? “All we can do is be flexible and look for other ways to help. Avoiding complacency is a key to any successful endeavor… It is also critical to stay connected to the importance of attracting and retaining talented employees. By adding folks with technical skills and knowledge of our client’s mission we ensure we stay current and are able to move forward.”

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