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Raytheon Exhibits New Technologies at Empire Challenge 09

Raytheon was among the exhibitors at Empire Challenge 09, a joint military demonstration that aimed to further the cohesion between U.S. and coalition forces in the collection and utilization of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) information.

At the event the contractor unveiled many firsts including a multi-intelligence tool, MULTI-INT Exploitation Tool (MIETool). MIETool provides an integrated application for multisource exploitation and fusion. Additionally the tool allows for DIB query capability, as well as automated image and video retrieval and user-controllable overlay system. This application minimizes the need for analysts to focus on information infrastructure and allows them to instead concentrate on exploitation and fusion of the data increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Another notable pioneer effort between Raytheon and the Air Force was fourth- generation fighter “TWENTYGLOW ELINT” data that was taken in and filed by the scalable DCGS system. The data could then be viewed using the DCS Block 10.2 multi-intelligence visualization capability in near- real time unison with other intelligence data.

Other demonstrations were the U.S. Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Bock 10.2 and the DCGS Integration Backbone (DIB) were both part of key systems.

The High-Speed Guard cross-domain solution was utilized to exchange secure data between enclaves, allowing ISR information to be shared between interested parties internationally.

William P. Jones, vice president of Raytheon’s Defense and Civil Mission Solutions said, “Bringing the best and most innovative information-sharing technologies to this year’s Empire Challenge provided our engineers the opportunity to test best-of-breed technologies in a real-world environment…We had the opportunity to unveil several new firsts that will provide new capabilities for our warfighters and give them an advantage in current operations.”

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