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Raytheon Purchases BBN Technologies

Raytheon has bought New England based, BBN Technologies. BBN has played an integral role in steps leading to the creation of the Internet and utilization of the same, including having a hand in creating the first modem, router, and email. The firm is also a major contributor to many Department of Defense research projects, most notably the creation of Arpanet, a predecessor of the Internet we know today. BBN has launched over 100 new companies through its employees. The newly acquired firm will be integrated into the Network Centric Systems division at Raytheon, located in McKinney, Texas.

At the time of purchase the focus of the company that was founded as an acoustic research firm is: speech and language; sensor systems; networking; and security, while they continue to excel in acoustic research.

The firm is also known for contributing Boomerang to the U.S. Military. Boomerang analyzes gunshot sounds to locate enemy snipers.

At this time it is unclear how Raytheon will approach branding and structuring the newly acquired subsidiary, which was founded by MIT professors Richard Bolt and Leo Beranek along with MIT graduate Robert Newman in 1948

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