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Sid Fuchs: The New Face of the Tower Club

sidfuchsThe Tower Club’s new chairman Sid Fuchs sat down with us recently to discuss his new position at the Tower Club.  We discussed the club’s history, the benefits of membership, and how the club is weathering the present economic storm.  You can see the video version of our interview here.

What’s the history of the Tower Club? 

The Tower Club at Tyson’s was founded in 1988 by a group of local business leaders that wanted to create a unique venue for collaboration, networking and commerce in the Washington, DC business community.  Over the past two decades, we’ve seen the Club transform and adapt to the changing business and economic environment.  Given our geography and membership, the Tower Club has become the center of gravity for Government Contracting over the past few years.

sidvideo1How has the Tower Club been affected by the recession?

Like any business, we have been affected by today’s economic challenges. However, the good news is that we continue to gain new members every day.  We have new programs in-place to help our members get through the current economic downturn, and continue to host networking events and mixers to assist those who may be looking for work or a career change.

You’ve been chairman of the Tower Club since March.  What have you been focused on since you took office?

One thing I like to say is that “quality counts” and the Tower Club has always been known for its quality of service, superior events, personal attention, and overall excellence.  Along with the Tower Club management, I try to make sure that our staff is focused on providing the best service we can for our members.  In addition, we’re working on programs to help our government and military members’ transition to the private sector with events and seminars hosted by individuals who have made that transition successfully.

What are some of the benefits of joining the Tower Club?

The primary benefit of the Tower Club is the opportunity to network.  You get to meet people from all over the DC area who are business leaders, community leaders, executives, nonprofit leaders, and people from all walks of life.  Other benefits include golfing, access to concerts and sporting events and private events hosted by the Club.  We have a phenomenal Mother’s Day and Easter brunch and a great 4th of July event, among others.  It is important to note that membership in the Tower Club is not just for the member, but for the member’s family as well.  My wife and our three boys have enjoyed the Club as much as I have over the years.  Also, the Tower Club is part of a network of worldwide clubs owned by Club Corp which allows our members to enjoy the same benefits and privileges at all clubs around the world.  This is very convenient for members who travel and want the luxury and convenience that a private club can offer. 

Why did you join the Tower Club?

I joined the Tower Club because I wanted to be where the action was in the DC area.  If you’re in business and you want to be where the deals are made, networks are being established, and opportunities are being created, the Tower Club is the place to be.  I’ve been a member for over ten years and it has allowed me to build an incredible network, meet many wonderful people, and achieve several of my professional goals. 

How do you become a member of the Tower Club?

Since we are a private Club, you must first be nominated by a current Tower Club member who is in good standing.  You then go through the application and vetting processes and if accepted, you become a member and gain access to all benefits and privileges provided by the Club to its membership.

What’s new at the Tower Club?

We are always working to offer our members great benefits that will help them in their everyday personal and professional lives.  We continue to host speaker events, wine tastings, special culinary events, and of course, networking and business mixers.  One area where we are placing more focus is our Young Executives’ Society (YES).  The members of YES are the future leaders of the Tower Club, so we want them closely integrated into what the Board of Governors and the Club are doing to improve service, provide new offerings, and ensure that we are in-tune with the membership. 

Anything you want to add?

The Tower Club appreciates and respects its members.  Our mission is to help our members achieve their goals, connect them with other members they want to meet, and provide a comfortable and effective venue to conduct business or enjoy their private time.  If you’re in the business, academic, non-profit or government community in the DC area, being a member of the Tower Club is a clear advantage.  The people you will have a chance to meet, the events you can attend, the access to the intellectual property of our membership, and the overall goodwill and collaborative spirit of the Club is going to be a significant benefit.  If you want to be where the action is in the DC area, being a member of the Tower Club will certainly plug you into the right networks and make a significant difference in both your personal and professional life.

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