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U.S. Offers Turkey $7.8 Billion Missile Purchase

The Pentagon has offered Turkey the opportunity to purchase the latest version of their Patriot air-defense missile as part of an arms package that will include up to 290 missiles including 72 PAC-3 models and communications gear. The package is valued at up to $7.8 billion.

Congress has been notified and has 30 days to veto. After this time, if they take no action, the contract will be considered approved. If the deal proceeds Turkey will join the Netherlands, Germany and Japan as purchasers of the system. PAC-3s have been sold to UAE and the U.S. Army by Lockheed Martin. Maryland based, Lockheed Martin Corp., and Massachusetts based, Raytheon Co. are under consideration for the current contract.

The agency said in a statement, “Turkey will use the PAC-3 missiles to improve its missile defense capability, strengthen its homeland defense, and deter regional threats.”

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