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Executive Profile: Robert E. LaRose of Agilex Technologies

Robert LaRose
Robert LaRose

A prolific entrepreneur, Agilex Technologies CEO and founder Robert LaRose focused his career on creating and building companies that specialized in software applications and integration services for government and commercial enterprises.

LaRose founded his first company, Advanced Technology, Inc., in 1976. It grew to more than $175 million in revenue and employed more than 2,000 people. In 1988, Emhart Corporation, a division of Black & Decker, bought the company for more than $140 million.

Not long after, LaRose founded Integic Corporation, which evolved into the prime architect and systems integration provider for the DoD Composite Health Care System II.

Integic was acquired by Northrop Grumman for more $300 million.

LaRose served on the board of trustees for banks and universities, as well as with the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children & Women.

LaRose passed away unexpectedly Jan. 11, 2010.

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