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Executive Profile: Dixie B. Baker of SAIC

Dixie B. Baker is senior vice president and technical fellow at SAIC where she serves as chief technology officer for the health and life sciences. As SAIC’s principal visionary and spokesperson on health-related science and technology issues, Baker is responsible for assessing technology needs, recommending internal research and development investments, developing partnerships and strategic alliances, and representing SAIC in national and international forums. Baker also serves as a senior consultant on projects of strategic importance to the health business.

Prior to her current position at SAIC, Baker was founder and director of the Trusted Computer Systems Department at The Aerospace Corporation. She was also previously the principal investigator for the Patient Centered Access to Secure Systems Online (PCASSO) initiative, a research project that allows patients safe Web access to their medical records.

Baker has also provided testimony to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics on the development of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act security standards, and offered her expertise on technology solutions for protecting the confidentiality of health records released to third parties.

Her awards and honors include the John P. McGovern Lectureship in Information and Communications given by the Medical Library Association, and being recognized as “Distinguished Practitioner” at the 2006 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference.

Baker holds a doctorate degree in education research methodologies and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Southern California. She also has master’s degree from Florida State University and a  bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University.

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