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Executive Profile: Paul Garver of Quest Software

paul_garverFrom his ExecutiveBiz Executive Spotlight: “I started my career with IBM while in college, which was a unique experience because I spent the mornings learning about business and I’d spend the afternoons experiencing business; you’d end up getting into some healthy discussions with people in the dining hall at University of Maryland about what they learned in the classroom versus what I actually experienced.”

With two years of experience as an intern at IBM for two years, a “great experience” that led him to stay on for six years afterward.  He was then approached by a company known as Attachmate Corporation, a small company very different from IBM, so he “went from a company with 130,000 employees with an incredible support system to a company with twenty-four employees. It was quite an adjustment but it was really refreshing to get to a smaller company that was fast and flexible. They grew through mergers/acquisition market expansion and I stuck with them for about thirteen and a half years; handled federal, state and local government as well as the commercial sector for North America.”

Then he took a year-and-a-half assignment in Europe, managing Eurpoean Sales and Marketing, which was “probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in terms of market complicity understanding the nuances of the market, what needs to be done from a sales program perspective, organizational perspective and a marketing perspective.” After that, he returned to the states and worked with Information Builders, managing their federal business, and has been VP of Quest Software’s Public Sector for seven years.

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