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2010 Leukemia Ball Co-Chair Steve Lilly on Finding a Cure

Leukemia Ball co-Chair Steve Lilly discussed the need to continue funding the strides made by the LLS over the last century: “There is an estimated 912,000 Americans living with leukemia and lymphoma and we recognize that leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer under the age of 20.  in spite of the fact that we’ve moved the bar ahead from a 4 or 5 percent survival rate going back about 20 years, to about 90 percent, no body wants to be in that 10 percent that we havent found a cure for.  So we’re focused on finding a cure for the remaining 10 percent, especially children.  The society was founded in 1949 and over the 60 year period of the society we’ve directed over 680m in research that has led to key advances in understanding blood cancers and producing new treatments and enchancing and improving quality of life for those struck by the disease.  And out chapter, the Washington National Capital Chapter  is one of the leading chapters out of 64 across the country in terms of our revenue generating capability.”

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