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Cyveillance COO Panos Anastassiadis Talks Phishing Attacks

According the ExecutiveBiz, Cyveillance COO Panos Anastassiadis  feels the dangerous practice is becoming more refined: “The phishing attacks have evolved from the classic spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes to extremely sophisticated spear phishing, targeting high power individuals and even more. In addition to traditional approaches to the problem, we see two things that can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of spear phishing attacks.  One is education of your employees; spear phishing attacks are initiated through social engineering scams because it works and people are the weakest link in the security chain.  We are all human and we all make mistakes, especially as the criminals continue to get better at what they do.

The next thing would be to implement advanced IP blocking.  We can provide organizations a ‘real-time alert data’ of malicious IP addresses that access should be blocked from an organization’s employees; these are the freshest IP addresses available, many are social engineering scams we discovered while trolling the Internet.  These two approaches can considerably help to eliminate phishing attacks and minimize potential damage.”

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