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Executive Profile: Bob Brammer of Northrop Grumman Information Systems

brammer2Bob Brammer serves as vice president for advanced technology at Northrop Grumman Information Systems. He is responsible for the overall technology strategy and independent research and development programs, technology and research partnerships, technical talent development and intellectual property management. Some of the current major IS sector technology investment areas include advanced wireless, satellite and optical networks; information operations and security engineering; command and control systems; human factors in system design; large-scale information and knowledge management; and geospatial technology.

Previously, Brammer served as the vice president for advanced technology and quality and as chief technology officer for Northrop Grumman’s IT sector. In that capacity, he was responsible for the sector’s technology strategy and investments, solution architecture and technology oversight on major programs and proposals, and for quality management throughout the sector. He also managed the IT sector’s technical fellows program and technical mentoring program.

Prior to assuming IT sector responsibilities, Brammer serves as CTO for TASC, an advanced technology business unit of the IT sector. Before that, he serves as director of its physical sciences division. In his CTO position, he was responsible for TASC’s technology strategy and investments and also worked on a dual assignment as the CTO for Primark, where he led technology infusion from TASC into Primark’s global financial information businesses, emphasizing telecommunications, Web technology, security and analytics. In his director role, Brammer led numerous research and development programs in high-performance computing, digital image processing and geophysical sciences for programs within the U.S. national security community. He also led the development of the first commercial weather satellite ground station, as part of a real-time commercial weather information business.

Before joining Northrop Grumman, Brammer held a position at NASA, where he worked on Apollo and Skylab with a focus on real-time software for tracking, command, telemetry, and communications.

Brammer has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Michigan, and master’s and doctoral degrees in mathematics from the University of Maryland. He received achievement awards for work on the Apollo program and for principal investigator research on NASA and NOAA satellite remote-sensing programs. He is a fellow of both the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers and the American Meteorological Society. He is also a senior member or member of several other professional societies, including the IEEE, MAA, SIAM, SMPTE and AGU.

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