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Executive Profile: George Wilson of Stanley, Inc.

George Wilson
George Wilson

George Wilson is executive vice president for strategic operations and a member of the board of directors for Stanley, Inc. He oversees the company’s account managers and executives who are responsible for customer relationships, revenue growth and client-base expansion. Wilson also oversees corporate development activities, the direction of Stanley’s strategic services, corporate communications, marketing, business intelligence and proposal activities.

Wilson served as a naval officer from 1979 to 1986, where he completed nuclear-power training, submarine officer qualifications and served aboard the USS Albuquerque. He also served as the deputy assistant program manager for Submarine Launched Tomahawk Cruise Missiles from 1984 through 1986.

Wilson joined Stanley in 1989 and has served as program manager, director of systems integration and vice president of corporate development. He joined the board in July 2000.

George is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He earned his MBA degree from The George Washington University.

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