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Executive Profile: Keith Fimian of U.S. Inspect

Keith Fimian
Keith Fimian

Keith Fimian is the chairman and founder of U.S. Inspect, the nation’s largest provider of residential and commercial property inspection services, producing more than 150,000 inspection reports annually.

Before founding U.S. Inspect, Mr. Fimian worked for seven years at international accounting firm KPMG as a certified public accountant (CPA).  He attended the College of William & Mary on a full four-year athletic scholarship and captained the football team.  He was invited to try out for the Cleveland Browns following his senior season.

He ran for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District in 2008 and is currently running for Congress in the 2010 election, endorsed by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor.  His platform includes:

  1. Energy: Mr. Fimian is opposed to the so-called Cap-and-Trade bill, which he dubs “a disaster,” and supports “nuclear power, solar power, natural gas, (and) sensible exploration for new domestic energy”
  2. Taxes: Mr. Fimian is opposed to tax increases, signing a no-tax-increase pledge in December 2009.
  3. Deficit Reduction: Mr. Fimian opposes “wasteful” Congressional spending
  4. Healthcare: Mr. Fimian is opposed to Congress’ healthcare reform bill.  He has vowed to repeal the bill, and signed a petition to remove the individual mandate to purchase insurance from the legislation.
  5. Social Issues: Mr. Fimian is pro-life and supports the Defense of Marriage Act.

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