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Executive Profile: Will Dantzler of NetBase Corporation

wdantzlerWe recently spoke to Will Dantzler, CEO of NetBase Corporation.  Here’s what he told us about his background:

Will Dantzler:  I started out life at four years old, as far back as I can remember, in the streets of South Korea. Right after the Korean War, there were lots of children who had been abandoned, running around the streets of Seoul, South Korea.  Fortunately, there was a gentleman and his wife, by the name of Harry and Bertha Holt, here in the United States in Eugene, Oregon that heard about the plight of the abandoned children in post war Korea.  Harry Holt ended up going over there and he saw the need to find families for all of the children, adopted eight of them himself into his family of six biological children and I was one of the fortunate ones that he picked up.  He found a family for me in Dayton, Ohio and gave me a second chance at life and opportunity.  I had a great set of parents that always emphasized education.  I was able to get nominated and appointed to the US Air Force Academy and from there I went on to serve as a Commander of the Wing Command Post for the 351st Strategic Missile Wing, a unit of the Strategic Air Command at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.  That was in missile launch operations and while I was there, I got a MBA from the University of Missouri as well as a MS in Safety Management from Central Missouri State University.  After leaving the Air Force, I went on to work for a company called TRW and basically migrated some major systems for project management off of the main frame on to the desktop and that set the stage for me starting my own business called Netbase Corporation.  I convinced the management of TRW at that time that I could take the product that I developed at TRW and go sell it commercially and TRW would get the royalties and benefit from not having to carry the overhead of my service center.  It was a win-win situation on both sides and I proceeded to sell that product with TRW as my first customer, providing me the base and from there, went on to sell that product to other aerospace companies and systems integrators.  I then got involved with starting to sell to the government in terms of developing database management systems and we got into the 8(a) program in 1995 and graduated in 2004.  For us it was another contract vehicle that enabled the customers or prospective clients to get to our services in a very quick fashion.  We were able to leverage that and get some contracts; at the same time we had leveraged some of the development that we had done for the aerospace companies to develop a time and attendance product.

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