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Microsoft Holds Inspirational ‘DigiGirlz Day’

Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Day in Chevy Chase was launched to inspire high-school aged girls to pursue a career in IT, in an effort to break stereotypes about the male-dominated field.

According to ExecutiveGov: “Congresswoman Donna Edwards, who currently serves on the Science and Technology Committee, spoke to the students about her own high school and college experiences. She shared that she had to work at science and math as a young girl. She always received decent grades, but had to work extra hard in these subject areas.

Edwards was never informed by her mentors when she was growing up that science or math was ‘okay’ for her to pursue; she wanted these high school students to know that they have many opportunities at their fingertips. She mentioned that there are considerable opportunities and career choices in technology industry available.

She shared with the girls that they are on the cutting edge of figuring out different medical services, exploring the moon, finding cures for different diseases, and figuring out how we use need to be using our water and energy resources in the future. Edwards explained to the girls, “we haven’t see anything yet and you are going to help us figure that out.”

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