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Northrop’s Bernie McVey on the Need for Change in IT

According to ExecutiveBiz, Northrop Grumman’s Bernie McVey stressed the importance of breaking the status quo in IT.

“Change is very difficult,” McVey said. “We’ve done business in the IT space for quite a long time a certain way so getting people aligned with this change, having leadership to drive it and breaking down the barriers of the people who would like to continue business as usual.”

However, these obstacles are far from insurmountable. According to McVey, “We are making sure our entire leadership team is aware of and aligned with the vision and…the benefits of going in this direction.”

“It’s really all about alignment and leadership when you are talking about change. That’s really what we’re trying to accomplish,” he said.

So far, the efforts at Northrop Grumman have been largely met with approval by employees and the leadership. McVey has found an ally in the financial leadership of the company as well.

“I am very well aligned with the financial leadership of the company and that’s been very helpful in terms of some of the change that we are making. They understand the benefits so I’m actively seeking their support along with the sector Presidents,” he said.

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