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Tuesday Tip Jar: The Best Advice from the Week in Government Contracting

Will Dantzler of NetBase shared his thoughts on what clients want:

“The key to breaking through to the next level in terms of size and growth is to ‘really focus on specific expertise, the temptation these days is to have some knowledge across the entire spectrum of information technology.’

That’s what government clients want: ‘they are looking for the expertise in an identified service platform so you can come to them and offer your consulting expertise specifically.”  He says, “I’ve seen a lot of companies basically say we can provide support across all these myriad of platforms and services,” and that can hurt you as a company.  Come prepared with specific offerings and a more narrow area of expertise to make yourself attractive to government clients, don’t try to be all things to all customers.'”

Meanwhile, ManTech’s Carlos Echalar shared his opinion on what makes a successful HR rep:

“The foremost thing is to be business focused first and HR focused second.  Understanding how business works — the mechanics as well as the performance attributes of an organization — and pushing to help the business to be successful is essential.  A successful HR person needs to know financials as well as HR common metrics.  How does the organization drive direct labor growth?  How does it contribute to profit?  How does it increase revenue?  Comprehending how those linkages come together, the importance of plan expectations and executing on those elements in a timely manner is vital for an efficient HR team.”

Joel Brunson of TANDBERG threw in his two cents on technology in the near future:

“I think you’ll see more interoperability among the vendors.  I think you’ll see more people pushing those standards.  They want investment protection.  That is something that I think TANDBERG does exceptionally well.  They want quicker refresh of products.  They want speed to the marketplace.  They want graphical user interfaces that are easy, that are consumer friendly, that are as easy as dialing a cell phone.  That’s what they are pushing for.  They want better definition, faster bandwidth, refresh clarity.  I think you will see that continual improvement in this marketplace.”

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