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Tuesday Tip Jar: The Best Advice of the Week in Government Contracting

This week, Panos Anastassiadis spoke about the need to stay ahead of the curve to prevent cyber attacks:

“The next thing would be to implement advanced IP blocking.  We can provide organizations a “real-time alert data” of malicious IP addresses that access should be blocked from an organization’s employees; these are the freshest IP addresses available, many are social engineering scams we discovered while trolling the Internet.  These two approaches can considerably help to eliminate phishing attacks and minimize potential damage.”

Bill Dean of MC Dean feels that it would be wise to consider green technologies:

“LEED has been going on so long that it’s starting to be a non-expense.  LEED Silver is a routine certification and LEED Gold is starting to become routine. We do a lot of energy modeling.  We do a lot of design to energy budget to sell and that’s tricky stuff but it’s great.  Like anything once you do enough of it you start to become very efficient and proficient.  We are doing a project right now where the government is trying to get to carbon neutral by 2030 which is pretty impressive.  LEED Silver, from my perspective, has become minimum spec which is a great thing.  It wasn’t long ago when that was a special building that had a LEED Silver designation.  I would argue that it’s not even a budget item any longer, spec gold will cost a little bit more but most of the systems we are seeing right now have really grown their energy budgets and have aggressive LEED targets.  Companies are learning to deliver this stuff at pretty close to the cost as if it weren’t required.”

Leukemia Ball Chair Steve Lilly advised those attending the event to have a great time:

“We’ve been doing this for 23 years.  We have to put out a special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Baker Tilly 2010 Titan of Business and Philanthropy – Lilly, USA – as well as our 2010 Mission Sponsor – PhRMA.  What they can expect is another focused event, focused on the mission of the society and focused where the attendees can have fun.  We have a silent auction that kicks off the event when you come in the convention center.  We have a raffle, of Mercedes-Benz vehicles which are provided by Washington-area Mercedes-Benz dealers valued at about $90,000.  We raffle those off with $100 tickets – you don’t have to be there to win it.  It’s followed by entertainment by comedian John Pinette — and Jackson Browne. So we hope to have a very fun evening, but also one that is filled with focus on the mission of the LLS.  Actually, this is one of the largest charitable fundraising events in the Washington market and for the LLS which has an annual budget of $270 million, again most directed to mission.  This is also the largest black tie affair in the country for the LLS.”

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