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Tuesday Tip Jar: The Week’s Best Advice in Government Contracting

In this week’s Tuesday Tip Jar, luminaries from across Healthcare IT sat down with ExecutiveBiz.

Medical records aren’t the only game in town. “I think we will also start to see contractors play a larger role in the analytics of the data that is being created throughout the healthcare system,” says Nedzbala. “For example, with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) we’ve leveraged solutions to help detect incidences of fraud, waste and abuse in CMS’s reimbursement programs.” – SRA’s Paul Nedzbala

Get to know the big players. “There’s a lot of teaming going on today and there’s a lot of pull for small business. So, I would have an aggressive strategy about getting to know the big players; many of us have a significant small business set-aside. Having a key leader in your business focused on developing relationships with primes is really important.” – Booz Allen Hamilton’s Susan Penfield

Draw on expertise from commercial and global markets. “Simply being a government healthcare contractor is not sufficient in today’s world. Commercial, government, and global healthcare are all tied together. There are similar problems faced by each of those areas.” – CSC’s Robert Wah

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