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Wood Parker of TASC Discusses his Navy Career

TASC President and CEO Wood Parker spoke to ExecutiveBiz about his career in the Navy and its impact on his leadership of TASC.  “Let me just tie my experience in the Navy to what we do here at TASC, in the following sense. In the Navy, it was all about the mission and indeed in TASC today, it is all about the mission of our customers. It’s a strong orientation to mission here in TASC and it just seems to me that my experience in the Navy applies to the emphasis on the customer missions today. In terms of how it’s affected  me, my Navy experience, I had a wonderful career in the Navy. I was in the White House fellows program, I was AA to the secretary of the Navy during the Reagan build-up, I had command of a destroyer back during the Iran/Iraq War time period, and I think that those different experiences in leadership and management positions probably helped  me in terms of the challenges we face today here at TASC.”

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