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Argon ST’s Aaron Daniels on the CFO Role

Argon ST’s CFO Aaron Daniels spoke recently with ExecutiveBiz about some misconceptions in the CFO role:

“I think people think of CFOs as being responsible for the finances.  They think CFOs are only responsible for keeping the books and the bean counting. As businesses evolve they become incredibly complex and interconnected. CFOs are not siloed like they used to be way, way, way back where the finance guy could just sort of sit in his or her office and just do finance and accounting. Many aspects of the business are interdependent. To get a bid out the door as a government contractor, for example, involves an incredible number of people not just business development people. You have to make sure you are going to make money, you are going to make the money that you think is appropriate, you are going to have to ensure that you are being competitive, that you are delivering a quality product, that you have the right supply chain organization underneath it, etc. As CFOs get out there and become more involved in the various aspects of an enterprise I think people learn about the opportunity a CFO can add and they learn the value of that input.”

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