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Jeremy Wensinger Poised to Lead Cobham to Next Level

Cobham President Jeremy Wensinger spoke with ExecutiveBiz about where he will look for Cobham to grow in the near future: “I think there are two emerging markets for us:  One is an emerging market in the U.S. that relates to the integration of these companies, and the other is in India.

In the U.S., if I look back at the company 18 months ago, many of these opportunities that I am looking at today in the C4ISR market would not have been available to us.  If I look at space apertures, space electronics, if I look at some of the integration of some of the communications equipment and some of the sensor equipment on aircraft and helicopters and even on the ground side the ability to deliver last mile communications – some of those things we would have been a part of as a component provider and now with the integration of these companies we are securely positioned in our ability to be more relevant to our end customer and provide more value to them.

Internationally, India is one of the biggest markets we’ve made investments in.  As a company we have opened an office in India.  We’ve sold into India for many, many years, but most recently, our integrated approach has led to us seeing tremendous growth in our Indian offering.”

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