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Lockheed’s Don Morrison on Attracting Top Talent

Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT) spoke with ExecutiveBiz about what it takes to get the best talent – and how to keep it: “First of all, Lockheed Martin Corporation has a great reputation of being an organization that is extremely ethical and moral. In addition, we absolutely develop products and provide services that offer security to and greatly enhance people’s lives around the world. We want to be the ‘employer of choice’ and my observation during the last several years is that many college graduates view Lockheed Martin as an organization that they really do want to work for. We also have numerous leadership development programs within several functions such as engineering, operations, finance, and human resources. We focus our recruiting activities on the best universities and colleges in the country—we call these Key or Target schools. Because of these efforts, we have a significant pipeline of future leaders. With respect to retaining our talent, my experience is that this is easier to do if there is challenging work and an inclusive environment that values all employees…obviously, the moral fabric of the enterprise is of paramount importance.”

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