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Tuesday Tip Jar: The Best Advice from the Week in Government Contracting

This week, Peter Smith of AMERICAN SYSTEMS spoke about the benefits of being an ESOP company:

“It’s a very powerful tool. The lure, if you will, of the offer of ownership is a very strong discriminator for AMERICAN SYSTEMS. It is hard sometimes in this space to differentiate oneself, and that one differentiator has been just tremendous. And it really is emphasized in one of the taglines that we have in some of our promotions, where you’ll see an employee saying, “I can do that, I own the company.” I think our people really feel empowered by the position that they hold, being both an employee and a shareholder and they take on the perspective of doing their absolute best for the client. Quality is very much in their minds, the image of the company is very much in their minds, because they look at it as a reflection upon themselves as well.”

DynCorp’s Tony Smeraglinolo talked about the need to align with the customer:

“That requires having a ‘lean forward’ approach, says Smeraglinolo. ‘If we know there will be a ramp-up of Afghan police training, it is not unusual for us to ramp up our recruiting process prior to being tapped contractually,’ he says. ‘Because,’ he adds, ‘we know that we need to lean forward — we know things are time-critical.’ Understanding a customer’s objective is also key. In Iraq, for example, DynCorp is supporting US Forces One (formerly, ‘Multinational Security Transition Command’). The initiative involves mentoring and advising interior and defense ministries in building institutional capacities. Recently, in an effort to control crime and bombings, an Iraqi edict was passed stating that police uniforms could no longer be sold on the open market. That measure is a result of DynCorp advisers who encouraged several different government offices to compare data within crime incidence reports.’

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