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Tuesday Tip Jar: The Best Advice from the Week in Government Contracting

This week, ITT’s David Melcher shared his experiences and what he learned from his firm’s reorganization:

“First of all, if you are going to reorganize, do it based upon what your customer base needs.  This was the primary driver in our decision to reorganize our businesses.  Secondly, if you are going to consolidate businesses, move quickly and organize them in a way that maximizes the potential of your units.  We brought together the best of our capabilities, which has allowed us to economize our cost structure, making us more competitive and able to provide better services, capabilities and products to the customer.  To me, that is a win-win situation for ITT.”

Also, Argon ST CFO Aaron Daniels offered his opinion on the biggest challenges facing CFOs today:

“Clearly one of the biggest challenges is managing expectations and helping Terry (Collins, CEO of Argon) do that, first and foremost externally. I think being a public company is tough. The rules are tough. The expectations aren’t always understood well and so one of the biggest challenges we have is making sure people understand where we are headed, how we are going to get there and making them comfortable with that.”

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