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Coming Soon: Cyber Corridor?

According to an article by The Washington Post, a “cybersecurity corridor” mirroring the image of the I-270 Tech Corridor and the Dulles Tollroad could be waiting in the future.

The article, citing the opinion of SAIC’s Walt Havenstein, projects the area would fall between Washington and Baltimore on Interstate 95.

“Every business in America and virtually every person in America who communicates via the Internet needs the benefit of stronger cybersecurity techniques,” said George Vandenberg, a former AOL Time Warner executive, who now heads the Chesapeake Crescent Initiative, an organization promoting development of the region in The Post.  This depends in part on the willingness of the military to spend some time on thinking about what it is they really need to hold close . . . [and] what it is that can be developed and released to the private sector.”

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