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Deloitte’s JR Reagan Discusses Cyber Threats

Recently, ExecutiveBiz sat down with JR Reagan, cybersecurity lead for Deloitte’s Federal Government Services. During the interview, Reagan discussed the major threats Deloitte is currently seeing:

“Lately, we’re seeing threats from global players. The type of distributed threats where cyber intruders can unwittingly harness and marshal thousands, if not millions, of computers to attack an organization’s systems. There’s just a lot of unsuspecting victims out there that suddenly become part of somebody else’s scheme to attack DoD computers or other government agency systems. Some of the other threats are the insider threats, which we wrestle with a lot. How do you make change the culture at an organization that makes their employees feel they are part of the solution, and not again, an unwitting part of the problem. And lastly, I think is the threat that a lot of these infected computers pose to the network at large, and the inability of network providers to legally quarantine these threats from infecting more of the network. There isn’t a mechanism in place that says, ‘you’ve got an infected computer, you need to stay off until we can fix you.’ So it’s open gates, open arms, open doors, it just continues to spread the threat.”

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