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EAGLE II: Your Guide

The Department of Homeland Security’s Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II) will be substantially different from EAGLE when its final iteration is released at the end of the fiscal year.

DHS’ department-wide platform for acquiring IT services currently has five functional categories (FCs): Engineering Design, Development, Implementation and Integration; Operations and Maintenance; Independent Test, Evaluation, Validation and Verification; Software Development; and Management Support Services. EAGLE II will have three categories: Category 1 for service delivery, including integration, software design and development, and operations and maintenance, Category 2 for program support and category 3 for independent verification and validation.

DHS announced EAGLE II in September of last year in response to lessons learned from EAGLE, including the need to accommodate pricing strategies which allow for adjustment over the life of the contracts and evolving industry best practices like as green invoicing and quality certifications.

DHS has been soliciting industry advice since March, and thanks to their feedback, we can make a few predictions about EAGLE II.

dhsFor larger integrators, DHS will probably introduce some new restrictions on who can team with whom. For example, EAGLE II awardees won’t be allowed to substitute core team members or add core team members unless an exception is granted by the EAGLE II Contracting Officer. While non-core members can be added as the execution of task orders require, the company must retain its small business status and meet the rules for limitations on subcontracting for the applicable functional category.

Also, in a major change to EAGLE II’s small business provisions, if a prime contractor becomes ineligible under the re-representation rules through an acquisition or graduating from 8(a) status, the contractor won’t be eligible for additional task orders under the contract. Teaming partners won’t be allowed to back-fill, a new award must be made.

Comments on the draft are due by June 25th, so be sure to let policy-makers know your thoughts before then.

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