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GAO Finds Improvement Opportunities for DoD Oversight

The GAO has released the results of a new study aimed at reviewing oversight procedures, specifically the Navy.

According to the GAO, “The Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force basing decision processes fully incorporate the key elements, associated factors, and management control standards that GAO identified as necessary in a comprehensive process; however, the Navy needs additional guidance for its process to be complete.

GAO found that while the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force each have issued comprehensive guidance for their basing possesses that describes the organizational roles and responsibilities within the service, establishes links among all of the service’s strategic and environmental guidance documents, and identifies the service’s basing criteria, some of the Navy’s guidance documents lacked detailed information about specific actions taken during the process and defined responsibility for completing certain types of analyses. For example, the Navy’s Strategic Dispersal Flow Chart-one of the five guidance documents used to implement the Navy’s process-shows that some types of analyses are conducted to review a range of considerations, such as access to training areas, sailor and family quality of life, and ship size, for a particular basing decision.

But the document does not describe in any detail how and by whom these analyses will be conducted. Additionally, Navy guidance does not provide a clear explanation of how its five guidance documents are linked together in implementing the Navy’s overall basing process. Without comprehensive and clear guidance on all aspects of the Navy’s overall basing decision process, the Navy may lack the completeness and management control to ensure that Navy basing decisions can facilitate external stakeholders’ examination and scrutiny or ensure effective implementation of the Navy’s basing process.”

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