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HPTi’s Robert Jones, Jr. Provides Insight Into the Field of Corporate Development

Robert Jones, Jr. is Vice President and a member of the board of directors at HPTi. Using his creativity and experience, Jones leads the company’s people, processes, and customer satisfaction. In a recent interview with Jones, ExecutiveBiz got a glimpse into his background, opinions on corporate development, and trends that in his field.

His work with Accenture prior to moving to HPTi allowed Jones to fully prepare for the future that the company faces. Discussing the unfolding trends that he has seen within the field of corporate development, Jones said that he worries about the contracts awarded to mid-size companies and also the lack of skilled people in the industry.

“A critical trend is the mid-size squeeze being placed on companies our size.  Since 1995 the percentage of total contract value awarded to large businesses has grown from 42% to 59%,” said Jones.

On the lack of experience in the upper levels of corporate ladders, Jones said, “You can add on top of that the coming baby-boomer retirement-which might have gotten delayed a bit by the economy-but it is coming. There are over 70 million baby-boomers and only about 40 million GEN-Xs behind them to replace them. That’s going to further squeeze experience, skill, and talent.”

Although he finds these trends to be changing the industry’s structure, Jones sees a positive future for HPTi’s success. His goals are directed towards customer satisfaction and quality of project delivery and is excited about meeting these demands.

His goals require a certain type of corporate leadership. His experience in multiple backgrounds allows him to be well-rounded and succeed in the operational side of the company’s projects. As such, he offered advice to novices  in corporate development.

“It helps to be well-rounded. My background was in project management, and then I went into executive line management, where I ran large segments of our projects on the operational side. From this experience I developed a better understanding of the demands of our clients, the demands of our employees, and the demands of our leadership,” said Jones.

To read more of Jones’ views on the field of corporate development in his interview with ExecutiveBiz, click here.

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