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Navy’s Chris Kelsall on Social Media

Navy official Chris Kelsall spoke with ExecutiveGov about some of the issues he encounters in the CIO office, including social media: “As you know the policy is very high level and in a nutshell it says, “Non classified networks will provide internet capabilities.  The Department of Defense will defend against malicious activities affecting the network.  The Department of Defense will deny access to sites with prohibitive content and internet use will comply with ethics regulations.  As such Department of Defense employees are welcome and encouraged to use the new media especially to communicate with family and friends whether in home port, home stations or deployed but we stress that it is important to do that safely.  Everyone has the responsibility to protect themselves and their personal information online and the information of others and the existing regulations on ethics, operational security and privacy still apply even with the new social media.”  As the Don of the CIO workforce the use of collaboration tools on a daily basis where they make sense because collaboration and communication are the best ways to get things moving forward.  These tools are very helpful to the Department as we move forward with the new workforce and work to achieve our mission.”

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